Halloween Must-Haves For Game Lovers 2022

ISNOW Led Lights that Sync with TV

ISNOW Immersive Smart Lights are one of the best ways to upgrade your home this Holiday Season!

Halloween is only a few weeks away, and with the scariest time of year quickly approaching, it’s time to shop for some LED strip lights and create a spooky scene in and around the house!

LED Strip lighting effects may terrify the neighborhood while also helping you in getting the most fun and amusement out of this spooky festival of scares and frights. You can install and sync lights to music for amazing effects and create some fantastic light displays with very little work.

Bring Your Halloween Lighting Ideas to Life 

ISNOW Immersive Smart Lights have unique lighting effects that will leave you howling for more when watching your favorite Halloween show or hosting a spooky Halloween party. Watch your favorite Halloween specials or new releases while your TV backlights react to the sounds and colors around you. Your entertainment will never be boring again with ISNOW!

Ultimate Halloween Lighting Experience with the Smart Control

Sync your ISNOW Immersive smart lights with the content on your TV. Surround lighting may be used to enhance your home theater by making your smart lights dance, flash, dim, and brighten in response to the content on your screen.

Control them with your voice, and phone and easily create the right mood by choosing your own scenes. You can also have your Smart Lights sync with your music, movies, or games to match the mood.

Tricks and treats can help you prepare for the spookiest night of the year. Enjoy enchanting colors and effects that are simple to modify for your parties. The ISNOW App also includes features such as group control, music mode, DIY mode, and much more.


Bring Your Halloween Lighting Ideas to life with ISNOW LED Smart Light!  Get one now for your friends or family.