What is the Best Ambient Light Device for a TV?

ISNOW TV Led Backlight with Sync Box

What is the best ambient light device for a TV or monitor?


To have colors and lighting effects around the TV, install the Smart LED strip lights and control them with the remote control, smartphone or voice. In addition to giving a touch of elegance and modernity, the Best LED Strip Lights improve viewing comfort and the perception of details when the room is dark. ISNOW Immersion TV LED Light Stripe is gamers' best ambient light device for gamers. Let's find out how it works, its functionalities, and where you can buy it.


Design and equipment


Depending on the size of your TV, users can choose between different lengths TV LED Light Stripe. It is suitable for 55~85-inch TVs. In the test, I had the ISNOW Immersion color sync tv backlight in the smallest size for 55-inch TVs. So  you can attach the light strip to the back of the TV without any problems.


Required accessories for the ISNOW Immersion color sync tv led backlight?


The accessory is not optional with the ISNOW Immersion Light strip but mandatory for the Ambilight effect to work. For this, you need

ISNOW Immersion HDMI Sync Box: HDMI components such as a console, TV stick, or hard drive are connected, and the image information is sent to the ISNOW immersion TV Lightstrip. It means that the image and the LEDs run synchronously. Important: The conventional TV program cannot be provided with the Ambilight effect in this way since the image information is not sent directly from the TV set.

App via smartphone: With the ISNOW Sync app (Android | iOS), you can connect all ISNOW components.


Perfect and subtle synchronization for all content


Users can connect their TV to a PC, laptop, console, or Mac and set up their entertainment area with the ISNOW Sync application. 

Enough manipulation. Now let's get down to business by initiating synchronization between your TV and the ISNOW immersion tv led backlight.

The latency between the arrival of the image and the LED ribbon is almost non-existent. The change of color takes only half a second in a very pleasing fade to the eye. Thus avoiding visual distractions.

The system relies on an extensive catalog of shades to stick as closely as possible to the image and the shades displayed at the screen's top, right, and left.

It is also possible to modify the brightnessas well as the intensity to more or less mark the different colors diffused by the accessory and thus limit visual distractions around the screen. Concretely, by reducing the intensity, the tint will be less precise and more diffuse to create more of an atmosphere suited to the image being played.

The two intermediate settings are, in my opinion, the most pleasant. For instance,  it is constitute a good compromise between the display of the different colors on either side of the screen.  Meanwhile, the precision of the accessory at each change of shot.

You can also use the ISNOW immersion tv backlight as a "simple" connected lamp around the TV. And with the possibility of programming a sequence of three colors along the accessory.

Autonomy is up to 25,000 hours, which gives you several years of use with an activity time of around three hours a day.




The ISNOW immersion tv backlight is designed to bring the Ambilight effect to any television. In this, the contract is perfectly fulfilled.

The product offers an experience that is both simple and surprising. It reinforces immersion in its content while relieving the eyes thanks to the surrounding light diffused on the wall.

The ISNOW ambient light tv is a high-end product. And its undeniable quality comes at a reasonable price, similar to that of a 4K LED TV.

The ISNOW immersion room tv Light strips are a useful product for home theater and game lovers. The proposed experience is optimal. With an exciting rendering around the image to relieve your eyes and enjoy a unique show in your living room.